H1N1: Medical Honesty and Integrity

“With all due respect to Dr. Gordon’s article and his opinion posted [on Peachhead2] I would love to hear [another] doctor’s opinion about the H1N1. I talked to a neurologist last week and he mentioned to me the concern being young children and the possibility of being hooked up to a respirator.”

It is exactly this kind of absurd, exaggerated rhetoric (not from our Peachheader, but from the doctor she’s quoting) that is creating anxiety and fear and making it harder to make an informed intelligent decision.

The possibility of your healthy child “being hooked to a respirator” because of Swine Flu is incredibly small. To imply otherwise is an unintelligent scare tactic.

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Influenza: Some Provocative Reading

I’m still seeing one or two children each day with Swine Flu symptoms and can reassure you that the government and the media are engaging in scare tactics rather than presenting the facts.

No lengthy newsletter to read today. Just a couple important medical articles. One from the lay press and one from a serious medical journal.

Please invest 15-20 minutes reading these two articles in full. I’ve given brief summaries of some of their information below.

One article is from a well-respected periodical and the other is from the most respected medical journal (BMJ) in the world and the Cochrane Collaboration which is the “gold standard” in medical information.

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