Cheryl Taylor

She is a mom of four and long time breastfeeding advocate. Her enthusiasm for breastfeeding began as an expectant mom when she was informed she was carrying twins. Wanting to be prepared for the possible difficulties of breastfeeding multiples and preemies, she found a local La Leche League International group to offer information and support. She began devouring literature pertaining to breastfeeding and hasn’t stopped since. She credits La Leche League with getting her started on the right path to success exclusively breastfeeding. She continues to be a huge advocate of the support and accurate information they offer women in communities around the world.

As a Certified Breastfeeding Educator Cheryl considers it one of her missions in life to help moms successfully nurse their children. Her personal breastfeeding experience and studies in lactation have proven her to be a valuable resource to thousands of moms who have sought her advice on breastfeeding.

Cheryl has her Bachelors in Music, Masters in Music Education and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Music Education with emphasis in choral conducting.

Cheryl is a writer, editor, and cofounder of the web site.

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