Anthropologie Nurse In Wednesday 8/21 Beverly Hills

  • Posted by Dr. Jay Gordon

A note from my friend and incredible BF mom Michelle Cescatti about a mother humiliated and illegally coerced by this business employee.

“A mom was asked to go to the employee bathroom to nurse. She later called said manager to confirm what had happened and later wrote the transcript below of their conversation.

Please share far and wide, on Twitter, Facebook and with your friends, and network. ”

There will be a nurse-in tomorrow, Wednesday, at the Beverly Hills Anthropologie from 3-4 pm.

UPDATE: I phoned the store after my departure to verify that we both understood what occurred. The manager, Meredith, was the one who approached me.

“Hello Meredith, I was just in the store Breastfeeding and wanted to verify what just occurred. Did you ask me to leave the sales floor?”

“I just thought you would be more comfortable, and that our other customers would be more comfortable if you breastfed in the bathroom.”

“Did someone complain?”

“No one complained” she said in a cheery voice, “but other cultures could have a problem with it. So I thought you would prefer to be in the bathroom.”

“To be clear, you weren’t asking me. You escorted me to an employee bathroom without a chair. I was embarrassed.”

“Well, I’m sorry you were embarrassed. Other women have breastfed, but they use a cover.”

“Oh, so my cover wasn’t discreet enough for you?”

“Well, I don’t think it’s fair to other customers to breastfed on the sales floor.”

“Is this a store policy?”

“Well it’s not written anywhere like our return policy but I just think other cultures might have a problem with it and we need to do what’s right for everyone, not just moms.”

“That’s all I needed to hear Meredith.”