Dr. Audrey Naylor of Wellstart International remembers Paul Fleiss. Fifty years of advocating for Breastfeeding mothers and babies

  • Posted by Dr. Jay Gordon

Paul was a very dedicated pediatrician to his patients and their parents and did not accept any patient/parents excuses for those who were not willing to breastfeed. I always remember the first time I met him at the series of seminars he gave in 1976-1977 with Kittie Frantz. They changed my life forever!! I went back and taught the maternity nurses in SD some of what I had learned in these seminars and that was the beginning of the 10 Steps and Baby Friendly. Thank you, Paul. You will be missed by many but remembered by me as having initiated the 10 Steps. That will be remember not only by me but many around world.


Audrey Naylor, MD,DrPH
Wellstart International
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
University of Vermont College of Medicine