Every Mother’s Personal Lactation Consultant
Are you one of the all-too-many women who experiences unnecessary difficulties with nursing your child? Although breastfeeding is the natural and healthy way to nourish a baby, it’s not always easy.The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers will help you overcome your fears, doubts, and practical concerns about breastfeeding. In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Jack Newman—a leading authority on infant care who has established breastfeeding clinics throughout the world—brings the most important facts about breastfeeding to you. You’ll learn:
·How to achieve a good “latch”—the essence of trouble-free breastfeeding
·What to do if your baby refuses the breast
·How to deal with sore breasts, cracked nipples, or breast surgeries
·Ways to ensure your baby gets enough milk
·How to breastfeed premature and adopted babies
·Ways to cope with the jaundiced or colicky baby
·And more
Whether this is your first baby or your fourth; if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding your newborn, or wondering about weaning your toddler, this book is for you.
“Valuable clinical insight into handling breastfeeding problems by the most experienced clinician in this field.” —Thomas W. Hale, PH.D., associate professor of pediatrics, Texas Tech University School of Medicine
“Every woman needs this book. The authors tackle the many myths that get women off to a bad start or undermine their confidence.” —Kathleen G. Auerbach, PH.D. International Board Certified Lactation Consultant