World Breastfeeding Week Brings the Biased Pseudoscientists Out in Droves

  • Posted by Dr. Jay Gordon

World Breastfeeding Week begins now. Expect a flood of pseudoscientific articles about vitamin K and other things with a back door message about the “dangers of exclusive breastfeeding.” These writers are not only not scientists, they are ignorant about breastfeeding, infant nutrition, vitamin K options and infant nutrition in general.

“Slate” magazine, an otherwise excellent online news magazine, has somehow attracted a herd of these amateur science writers.  Read the news there but read science elsewhere.

Vitamin K given by injection may be the surest way to administer this important  “clotting vitamin” but discuss oral vitamin K with your doctor if you wish.

Also understand that exclusive breastfeeding has huge health advantages over artificial baby milk (“formula”) and that any drawbacks are grossly exaggerated or fabricated.