Can Dairy Products Cause Constipation?

  • Posted by Dr. Jay Gordon

Q. I was wondering if a dairy allergy could cause a toddler to be constipated. My daughter couldn’t handle when I drank a lot of milk or ate a lot of dairy when she was little. She would throw up after each nursing, but outgrew the throwing up by six months. I finally realized that she has had a problem with being constipated since she started drinking milk and eating dairy. She can go up to a week without having a bowel movement. Last night we had to give her an enema because after giving her a natural laxative for three days she hadn’t had a bowel movement and she threw up each time she tried to go last night.

I was wondering if I should eliminate dairy from her diet and see if this helps her. She loves to drink milk and will refuse any other drink which will make cutting out all dairy very difficult. However I will do it if it will make her feel better. This means I will also have to go dairy free since she is still nursing at least three times a day.

Thank You.

A. Dairy products cause constipation and you are absolutely right in thinking that their elimination may decrease or even eliminate the problem.