Worried about pertussis, Ebola, EV D68? U.S. herd Immunity at very healthy 95%

  • Posted by Dr. Jay Gordon

Herd immunity is alive and well in America in spite of media efforts to convince us otherwise:


Please don’t worry about Ebola: even the semi-skilled bureaucrats at the CDC will quickly keep this from being a large outbreak in the USA.

There will a dozen of maybe two dozen more cases reported. There will a few more transmitted cases of Ebola. But American medical care, as inept as it might be at times, will control this virus.

Check the CDC’s weekly report to assess the number of reported cases of pertussis in your state. Measles and most other infectious illnesses are tabulated too every week.


EV D68 is a fifty-year-old virus which can cause severe respiratory illness. Usually it causes a cough and cold. There is no vaccine and healthy kids have little or no chance of complications. Stay healthy. Drink a lot of water, get a little extra sleep. Avoid sugar and dairy and teach your children to wash their hands for as long as it takes them to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. Really. That’s it.

And … if you really want the DTaP or Tdap vaccine for your older child, get it. It’s hard to argue that it’s risky for a three-, four-, or five-year-old when it’s given alone and not in combination with the four other vaccines scheduled for six-week-old babies.


Jay N. Gordon, MD, FAAP