My toddler’s favorite snack food is a couple of cocktail wieners. Should I let him have them?

  • Posted by Dr. Jay Gordon

No. I consider hot dogs to be some of the scariest food around. They can be stuffed with unpleasant things, like chicken lips, pig’s ears and cow’s innards. If the manufacturers can’t find anything else to do with the animal part, they grind it up, add lots of salt and fat for flavor, and stuff it in a hot dog casing. In hot dogs, Americans will eat food they’d never touch if they saw it in its original state.

Another danger of hot dogs is that every year a number of child deaths are reported because a piece of hot dog gets stuck in the windpipe. Their size and shape make wieners dangerous to feed to a baby or toddler. Furthermore, I don’t recommend them for children or adults because they contain both nitrates and nitrites, which have both been shown to promote cancer.

Please remember…..
Be gentle as you are making dietary improvements for your family. Some families do well with a drastic and complete change and some require a more gradual approach that leads them to a very occasional indulgence of a favorite food. Find what works for your family as you walk this path to improving your health by improving your foods.