I understand about butter and cheese, but you can’t mean that a scoop of ice cream is going to do any harm?

  • Posted by Dr. Jay Gordon

Ice cream has all the bad properties we’ve talked about in the other dairy products. It’s full of fats and contains all the pollutants found in milk. It also packs the added whammy of being full of sugar. Ice cream clogs your children’s arteries, slows down their energy level, and makes them fat. If only for the sake of your child’s self-esteem, keep her away from food that can contribute to being overweight. I’d rather be trapped in a cage with hungry weasels than be in a second grade classroom with other kids who thought I was fat. No ice cream cone in the world is worth it.

Frozen yogurt is a little less damaging, but it’s no bargain. The main problem with frozen yogurt is that it is a dairy product which contains sugar or some other type of sweetener. I have young patients with recurrent ear infections who have been cured by taking them completely off dairy. The best thing to do is to keep frozen bananas, strawberries, or raspberries in the freezer all the time and run them through a food processor when your child asks for something sweet to eat. Kids find it to be very tasty, and it’s a harmless snack.

Please remember…..
Be gentle as you are making dietary improvements for your family. Some families do well with a drastic and complete change and some require a more gradual approach that leads them to a very occasional indulgence of a favorite food. Find what works for your family as you walk this path to improving your health by improving your foods.