Thoughts on Dr. Paul Offit…

  • Posted by Dr. Jay Gordon

One of my patients recently asked me what I thought about an opinion piece by Dr. Paul Offit. Here is my answer:

He is a mostly honest person. His profit from his vaccine patent is estimated at $29 million. But he really is a true believer. We email a few times a year–nothing deep, but open channels.

That particular group of doctors and experts are sincere in their belief that any doubts voiced or published about vaccines are dangerous. ANY doubts. They disdain and reject discussions about side effects and any possibility that there are other possible schedules or ways of manufacturing better than we use now. They are, obviously, the vast majority.

Offit feels there are no limits to the number of vaccines that could be given at one time, or over the first six months of life. He, and those who feel as he does, believe that you are either pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. They prefer a conversation without nuance or the possibility of a third point of view. I espouse the third point of view.