Vaccinations Webinar

Vaccinations? Webinar Trailer from Childcare Media on Vimeo.

In this 105 minute multi-chapter streaming webinar, Dr. Gordon speaks directly to parents – discussing and explaining the current research, protocols and other factors that have impacted our national immunological approaches. He explains the personal, medical and public health issues surrounding vaccinations, the on-going debate on vaccine safety and how to assess an appropriate course for your family – empowering parents to make the best possible healthcare decision for their individual child.

Topics Included in the Program:

•  Current Debate and Vaccine Controversy on Autism
•  Benefits and Risk Factors
•  Immunizations Schedules for Infants and Toddlers
•  Why Breastfeeding is Important
•  Natural Ways to Prevent Childhood Illness
•  And much more

To learn more about the Webinar, please visit Childcare Media.

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