The MMR is not controversial because of Wakefield

  • Posted by Dr. Jay Gordon

The MMR is not controversial because of Wakefield. That study is not solid enough to be the basis for any decision.

The vaccine is best given later because it can cause large side effects in a small percentage of kids when given at 12-15 months. Parents’ testimony, the above CDC publication and much more supports this conclusion.

Parents deserve to be completely informed and participate in all health care decisions. Doctors and experts guide and then parents make informed decisions with us.

I give the MMR to most older children and have far less worry. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen nor heard of a bad reaction to this or any other vaccine in children three years and older. Some parents choose 12 months as the best time for their children. I respect that decision, too.

When we coerce parents into vaccinating their children younger than they feel comfortable doing, we diminish their confidence in their doctors and compromise our ability to continue the dialogue about vaccines and all aspects of their children’s care. If one really cares about herd immunity–and I do–respecting parents’ decisions is crucial.